What To Expect

We've put together some words and some video to help explain what to expect from our Roller Discos - click the title above.

Marshalled Venues

All our events are marshalled. We use armbands to ensure our marshalls are clearly visible. They are not there to teach, their role is to help, support and guide you so you can make friends, have fun and get fit!

Where To Find Us

At the moment you will usually find us at Yarborough Leisure Centre: Riseholme Road, LN1 3SP and we have also run events at North Kesteven Leisure Centre, Lincs Showground and The Embassy at Skegness. We are happy to discuss private bookings at other venues too 🙂

Organised Safe Environment

All skaters must travel in the same direction. We provide wrist guards for those that need them and request that more able skaters respect the pace of less experienced ones.

All ages and abilities welcome

We want experienced skaters and novices to enjoy themselves in equal measure. Please visit our rules section to understand how we do this with your help.

Flat Fee

We charge a fixed amount to enter plus skate hire. The session lasts 2 hours and you can stop and start at your leisure.

Adult SK8s

Currently we are not able to provide this event at a regular time due to reduced leisure centre opening hours. We will let you know as son as we can re-establish a regular Adult skate session.